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 Welcome to the world of Billington’s Gingerbread


Exotically spiced, indulgent Gingerbread, with links to the ancient spice routes.


Since 1817, the artisan bakers of Market Drayton, Shropshire, have been keeping a closely guarded secret; the coveted recipe of Billington’s Gingerbread.

Rich, exotic and famed for its ‘dunking delights’, historically the farmers’ wives and people of Market Drayton, Shropshire, enjoyed the celebrated gingerbread by dunking it into a cup of tea, coffee or glass of Port on market day. This tradition, which is still enjoyed today, enriches the flavour of the gingerbread,bringing out the spicy notes for which the biscuit is celebrated.

Billington’s deliciously crisp and aromatic gingerbread fingers are best enjoyed dipped into morning coffee, delicately nibbled with afternoon tea or daringly dunked into a glass of Port after dinner. Equally satisfying with ice cream or other desserts.

The Billington’s Gingerbread Story

A historic gingerbread society who kept their secret recipes under oath & then locked away in local bank vaults,

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