Project Description


8 white chocolate bubbles {pre made}

100ml vintage port

20ml double cream

1/2 pack Billington’s Gingerbread 

20 Luker chocolate Noche 40% rounds

30g Madagascan raw sugar

This recipe has been designed & produced for Billington’s Gingerbread by Executive Chef, Chris Burt, from the Mytton and Mermaid Hotel , Shropshire.

Chris Burt
Chris Burt Executive Chef

1817 – Billington’s Gingerbread & Vintage Port White Chocolate Bubbles



  1. Chop the gingerbread up & separate in to two piles
  2. In a saucepan add, the port, cream, 1/2 the gingerbread, Luker chocolate & Madagascan raw sugar
  3. Warm through until fully melted & silky’ish
  4. Place in a food processor & blitz for 1 minute or until smooth
  5. Allow to cool, when it starts to firm up, add to a piping bag
  6. Fill the chocolate bubbles with the mix
  7. Plate up, stack how ever you want using the remainder of mixture in the piping bag to glue the balls together
  8. Sprinkle with the remainder of the gingerbread, garnish & serve

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